Scalp micropigmentation is a delicate procedure. Getting a hair tattoo is one of those critical decisions you’ll have to make as you go along life. Scalp micropigmentation regrets are not uncommon, especially if you go to the wrong clinic. The number one rule in choosing a Scalp micropigmentation artist is going with one who’s reputation and reviews are freely available online. There are several reasons as to why a patient may have decided to opt for scalp micropigmentation removal. First, the person may have received a lousy scalp micropigmentation.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that deploys a hair follicle tattoo patern along the scalp to simulate hair follicles where there may be gaps or no natural hair left. As a reasonably new technique, scalp micropigmentation can significantly address the cosmetic issues that arise from various male and femaile hair loss patterns. Your hair tattoo patterns need to look natural.. unatural patterns are typically what lead to regrets with the results.

Is there such a thing as SMP Repair?

If you’re not satisfied with a scalp micropigmentation treatment you’ve had in the past with a less reputable or experienced provider, you may be a candidate for a scalp micropigmentation repair treatment. We’d love the opportunity to review the state of your SMP treatment to assess what can be done and hopefully help you with the results you were hoping for the first time.

Can SMP address scars to the scalp from hair transplants or other trauma?

Scalp micropigmentation is the perfect candidate for scars from hair transplants or otherwise. A hair transplant scar is essentially unavoidable but SMP can help camoflauge or blend the scar in with your natural hair pattern.

Reasons for Scalp Micropigmentation Regret

Inexperienced Technicians

Scalp Micropigmentation results can be bad if your practitioner lacks experience and training. As a good rule of thumb, always ask for or search out results (scalp micropigmentation before and after result images) as well as any customer reviews.  If they have a video testimonial review that would be even better as it’s a great opportunity to observe the results without any filters or lighting tricks and it proves authenticity!

Mismatched Pigment

Scalp or head tattoos that are poorly applied can oftem become green or blue and is the result of a lack of planning and slow patch testing before proceeding with the final color. Make sure your scalp micropigmentation practitioner is doing at least one patch test to observe the results of the ink once it’s set in your scalp.  If that’s not a service they offer consider moving to another provider.

Incorrect Puncture Sizes or The Use of Wrong Instrumentation

Achieving ideal scalp micropigmentation results is dependent on the appropriately sized micro needles that mimic the hair folicle’s diameter in order to blend properly with existing hair and similate the appearance of a natural hair follicle. If the pigment diameter of these units is wrong, the results will look unatural and contrast with any existing hair. Your results should never contrast and should be undetectable from a natural hair folicle

If you’ve had a Scalp Micropigmentation or Hair Tattoo treatment that has left you disatisfied with the results please visit us for a consultation to discuss what’s possible to remedy the results and get you closer to the look you are hoping to achieve.  If you’re contemplating getting your first SMP treatment please feel free to contact us for an assessment, a patch test, and a conversation about what we can do to get you the SMP results you are hoping for!