Many men and women will suffer from hair loss in their lives and turn to search for hair loss solutions. Some will experience hair loss early while others will experience hair loss later in life.  Although hair loss is more prominent among men, many women will also experience different forms of hair loss in their lives too. Finding the right treatment, or combination of treatments, can address and minimize the hair loss that you might be struggling with.

One very well-known hair loss treatment is “FUT” or “FUE” hair transplant surgery. The surgery involves removing hair follicles from a donor areas and placing them in another area where the loss of hair is greater. Identifying the hair loss pattern is critical to determining your best treatment or combination of treatments. Male pattern baldness is the most treatable conditions for surgery because the hair at the lower sides and back of the scalp is less sensitive to hair loss and can serve as good donor hair for a hair loss surgery.  “Diffused Thinning” however results in hair loss all over the sufferers scalp making it more difficult to address the thinning areas with hair from donor areas.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a kind of hair surgery that extracts hair follicles individually from a donor area and implants it in a thinning area. Keep in mind, no new hair follicles will be generated from this procedure. Therefore, it’s important to harvest hair follicles from an area where there is existing hair that can offer coverage after the extraction.  The scaring pattern is often sporadic and can leave the donor area looking sparse. 

Follicular unit Transection (FUT) is a kind of hair transplant surgery that extracts s large strip of hair follicles from a donor area, transects each follicle, and implants them to a thinning area. The scaring pattern with FUT hair transplant is more linear and prominent. Many of my clients require SMP to camouflage the resulting scar from a FUT hair transplant surgery.

Combining Scalp Micropigmentation and Hair Transplant Surgery

A scalp micropigentation treatment can be a very effective supplementation to traditional Hair Transplant Surgery providing more density to thinning areas addressed with surgery.  The hair follicles from the hair surgery might not be sufficient to cover an entire balding area or provide a natural looking density pattern. by filling in those areas with a SMP treatment, density can be drastically improved! Likewise SMP can serve to camouflage those doner areas where follicles have been extracted and scarring or thinning has resulted from either FUE surgery or FUT surgery.

In Conclusion

There are so many new treatments available for people who are experiencing hair lose for both men and women.  You should contact a specialist to go over the best options before making any decisions. Once you have made an appointment, write down any questions and/or concerns you might have.  And ofcourse as always please don’t hestitate to reach out with any questions you might have about combining traditional Hair Transplant Surgery with contemporary surgery alternatives like Scalp Micropigementation!