Do I Need A Shaved Look After Micro-Pigmentation?

by | Jul 31, 2021

If you have a good hairline and decent hair coverage in general, you might not need a shaved look. If you only have thinning on the sides scalp micro-pigmentation would be a good option to fill in that thinning area, especially if they are tapered.

If you have a well-defined hairline with some thinning of hair on top, you probably do not need a completely shaved head.  Scalp micro-pigmentation is great for concealing the thinning areas and creating a look of thicker hair. You can add more density to these areas to create a fuller look. There is no reason for shaving your head.

Medium to Long Hairstyles with Thinning on Top

If you have medium to long hair with only some areas that are thinning on top, you probably do not need to shave your head. You can add volume to these areas and create a more blended look for your hair to be consistent with the rest of your hairstyle.

What Are The Advantages to a Shaved Head with SMP?

The Natural Look

After scalp micro-pigmentation, the shaved look is usually recommended for most guys because SMP offers the most natural look.  Scalp micro-pigmentation is usually needed to help create a more defined hairline as well as filling bald spots on top.

Easy Maintenance

After scalp micro-pigmentation, you can use an electric shaver or a trimmer to retain a fresh buzz-cut but you do not need a straight razor.  You can keep your hair trimmed by using an electric shaver every few days.

A Stylish Look

There are cases if you don’t want a shaved look after scalp micro-pigmentation, your natural hair could look darker and thicker with the SMP pigment. It can create a contrasting look that could accentuate your hair loss.  Without a shaved look, however the grown-out hair can decrease the flow and blended look of scalp micro-pigmentation.

This procedure is not a hair transplant. It creates a realistic buzz-cut, and ink pigment is not the same as your natural hair follicle.  If you allow your hair to grow too long it can create a texture that disrupts the uniform look of your hair.

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