Scalp Micro Pigmentation and Various Hair Lengths

by | Oct 20, 2022

What length should your hair be with SMP?

When considering scalp micropigmentation (SMP), it is important to consider the hair length you’d prefer following the procedure. No matter if you have thin hair or no hair at all, your hair length will determine your treatment and can affect the results of SMP. scalp micropigmentation is performed to mimic your natural hair follicle or to conceal the scalp through your existing hair.

Longer Hair:

These styles are most popular for those with thinning hair but still retain full scalp coverage. We can be more aggressive when applying SMP to hair that is longer as the goal is to conceal the scalp and blend the color with the colour of your natural hair strands. We typically use a darker pigment to cover areas where the natural hair is thinned. This is the best application and gives the appearance of thicker and fuller hair.

Very Short “Buzzed Cut”

This length is our favorite pairing with scalp micropigmentation. The application will be done in a conservative way. This is so that even if you choose to trim your hair or use a razor to shave it, the SMP will blend and can be adjusted. The number of guards required for a buzz cut can vary from one to three. You will need to choose the length of the clipper setting that you prefer, especially if your goal is to get a better hairline or more consistent with your new SMP. Clients who had been used to a razor cut will often opt to grow their hair to avoid having to maintain a razor shave. We would recommend going darker in the color selection to match the length of your hair.

Razor-shaved To the Skin:

For balding hair, the razor shave is particularly important. The application is usually done in the same way as a razor shave. To give your hair a smooth, straight cut, the traditional razor shave uses a straight razor. This razor shave is perfect for anyone who wants to cover patches or complete baldness. If a client wants to cut their hair short, the pigment will still blend. A razor cut will have a lighter pigment selection than one for a thinned hair application.

When you arrive for a consultation, we will discuss your options and help you choose the right look for you. Do not let thinning or balding hair make you feel self-conscious. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) will fill in any areas that have loss or are thinned. Gracefully going bald is becoming a popular hairstyle. But why not cover the affected areas with SMP to disguise the loss?



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