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Headways provides an innovative, non-invasive, permanent and semi permanent solution for hair and brow loss, as well as hair transplant scars!

Patch Test

Part of my job as an SMP technician is to make sure you will be a good candidate for the procedure.  If, after your consultation you decide you would like to move ahead with a procedure I will always encourage a patch test.  This test involves choosing a small area of your scalp to do a ‘trial run’ of the pigment in the skin.  I will use the same colour pigment or a bit lighter than the colour that we will use on the full scalp a week later.  Cost of Patch Test is $60 plus tax

The patch test will help give an idea of colour, any possible reactions (although I’ve never had any) and if we need to make any adjustments we will be ready to see the healed result and go from there a week later.  Call if you need more information.

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“Kay’s work has been tremendous, I have been seeing her for the past year and she has outdone herself. You can see so yourself on her posts of her work, “spectacular”. Above all she is very professional, very diligent in her work, and confident. She makes the entire the experience worth it, so comfortable, easy going, and gives you her honest opinion. No bullshit. She is on point with you and honest about every aspect and detail when working with you. If your looking for an honest, confident professional, Kay is your person.”

“Wow Kay it looks so awesome! I don’t think I really noticed it in the shop because it looked so natural, I am super happy with how it looks. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job”

“HI There. I booked micropigmentation with Kay Manuel after a great deal of research. I was very satisfied with Kay’s professionalism and expertise. The price and results exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Kay and wouldn’t hesitate to use her again for future touch ups. She’s the industry leader in micropigmentation in Western Canada. Do your research and book yourself in for an appointment….you’ll be glad you did”
Dr. M Kelly



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