If you decide on a Scalp Micropigmentation procedure, it’s very important that you do your research on both the procedure and SMP practitioners in your area. You should write down any questions you might have when you first meet with the practitioner. Once you’ve landed on a clinic you trust, discuss your questions with your chosen SMP practitioner and ensure you feel comfortable with their answers before moving forward with a patch test.

Your meeting with the Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner is not just about the procedure but you should feel very comfortable with the process, where it will be performed, and aftercare procedures. 

In addition to any questions or concerns you have, below are a few questions I recommend starting with:

Is the practitioner experienced and how many procedures has he or she performed?

What are the practitioner’s qualifications and where did he or she get their training?

What is involved in the procedure and what should you do to prepare for it?

How long will the procedure take?

How many additional appointments will be required?

What aftercare will be required?

If the SMP will be performed  in order to cover scars from a previous hair transplant, have you discussed the results you can expect to get?

You should also ask if your practitioner has photos of their previous patients.  These photos should include before, during, and after shots of the practitioner’s work.  Ask them if it’s possible to speak with a previous patient or do they have references?

Aftercare is an essential part of the procedure.  Have you been provided with detailed aftercare instructions? Are you comfortable in carrying out these instructions?  Make sure your practitioner will be available for contact, following your procedure, for any followup questions regarding your aftercare.

At this point in time, you should know the total cost for the procedure.  If unsure, ask!

As always do your research regarding your SMP procedure, ask questions of your practitioner, and ofcourse if you have any concerns please reach out to me!