Many people at some point in time will be looking for medications or treatments for stopping their hair loss. Age doesn’t seem to be the deciding factor as there are some who lose their hair at a young age. In some cases, it’s due to generics or a serious impact on their lives causing enormous stress. In other cases, it’s their poor diet habits. First and foremost, check with your doctor before moving forward with a treatment such as Scalp Micro-Pigmentation or “SMP”.

About Micro-Pigmentation & How It Works

All Men and women alike suffer from some level of hair loss.  Many people turn to everything from hair transplants to medications but another treatment that’s gaining popularity is Scalp Micropigmentation or “SMP”, which is actually a scalp tattoo.  This allows many people to look like they have a full head of hair without undergoing surgery.  The upside is that it’s non-invasive and recovery time is much faster than a hair transplant. Keeping that in mind, hair tattooing is still a procedure that involves some preparation for and a level of care afterward.  Before making a decision, speak with a specialist and read the following information to see if this is something that will work for you and your lifestyle.


It’s highly recommended that you do not consume alcohol for two days before the procedure. Because its a blood thinner, alcohol should not be consumed, it can cause bleeding. Other drinks to avoid including coffee, tea, and, energy drinks for the same reason. The day before, make sure you drink plenty of water for good hydration.

The Night Before

You should get a good night’s sleep before the procedure. If you have been drinking plenty of water, your scalp will accept the ink better. Make sure to remove dry cells by exfoliating your scalp.

The Day Of The Procedure

It’s recommended you have a well-balanced breakfast and be sure to wash your scalp as you will not be able to shower for a short while after the operation. Do not add any oils or waxy products to your scalp as it can prevent the applied pigmentation from staying in place. 

SMP Tips Following The Procedure

Even though scalp micro-pigmentation is non-invasive, after the procedure your skin will be very sensitive. Here are some suggestions for aftercare measures.

Aftercare Directly Afterward

Your head should not be exposed to water so stay away from showering, swimming, or exercising. Avoid any activities that will cause you to sweat such as exercise or hiking. Three days after the procedure you can wash your head but do no use soap or shampoo. You will be able to use these products after one week.

After the procedure, it’s only natural your scalp will start to itch as it’s going through the healing process. You have to allow time for your scalp to heal to prevent bacteria and ensure the pigment sets properly.

Long-Term Aftercare

For approximately one month after the procedure, you should avoid exposure to the sun for a long period of time. If you cannot avoid direct sun during this time, wear sunscreen and head covering such as a hat.

Apply a lightweight moisturizer or gel to the tattoo area to help the micro-pigmentation settle. Stay away from tanning or using tanning products as they can cause the pigment to fade.

Your second session should take place approximately one week after the first procedure. Once your scalp is completely healed it should last for 5 years before considering a touch-up. All of this can depend on your skin and your lifestyle.

Only Have The Procedure Performed By A Specialist

Even though the procedure is non-invasive, you should only have the procedure performed by an experienced certified SMP specialist.

Should I Keep My Scalp Shaved For Micro-Pigmentation?

It all depends on your hairstyle, level of hair loss, the purpose of the treatment, and what you think looks good on you. There are no rules regarding shaving your scalp.  After looking into the various factors, talk to your specialist to get the look that works best for you.

A shaved head does offer a clean look for most men & women.  Keep in mind, maintaining a shaved look will take some work on your part.